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In today's job market, the competition is fierce. From our experience, we know that "looking good on paper" to land the right job can be tough. As a veteran-owned company, we take the duty of helping to set you up for success very seriously. Let's work together to create a product that sets you apart from the rest.

Who Founded Renovated Resumes?

Hey there! I'm Erica Cruz, Founder and Creator in Chief at Renovated Resumes. 

So, why a resume writing company? Well, I've worn a lot of different hats in my career. I started in law enforcement, then spent 13 years in the military. I decided to go back to school and earned my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Now I'm working on my PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering, with my research focused on Machine Learning/AI and Computer Vision. I started my engineering career in Systems Engineering and eventually became a Data Scientist with an expertise in Modeling & Simulation.

Why all these details? For years it was such a challenge to write a resume for myself that captured all my experience. When I applied for jobs, I would never hear back from recruiters. It was soul-crushing. It was then that I realized job hunting is not as straight forward as one would think! It's a tough game and if you don't have the right gear, you will lose to the competition...even if you're more qualified. 

It was then that I started doing tons of research on how to best present my skills. I learned the importance of presentation and most importantly, how to create a clear narrative around my experience. Before I knew it, I was writing resumes for family, friends, friends of get the point. I was thrilled that I could help people secure interviews and jobs with resumes I wrote for them. I could see them transform right before my eyes. They used to see themselves as unworthy of a great job (I've been there before), but I saw a diamond in the rough. After some buffing and shining of their resume, they saw what I saw: a qualified candidate that IS WORTHY and full of value.

And with that, Renovated Resumes was born.

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